Don Cheadle Hopes To Make Movie With Kevin Hart After Viral Exchange

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It's hard to gauge the number of "m's" and "n's" put in the "damn" that Kevin Hart belted out after Don Cheadle told him he was 56 years old.

In a recent clip from Hart's talk show, Hart to Heart, the comedian seemingly calls the star actor old when he tells him how old he was. Cheadle seemed to brush off as he jokingly leaned in on the idea that Hart would call him old on camera.

"When we're not here, our people are taken care of. Hopefully, it lasts more than one generation. Um, but at the same time—like me, I'm 56 years old," Cheadle says before Hart cuts him off.

"Damn! I'm sorry," Hart says as Cheadle awkwardly looks at him.

"I'm sorry. No, seriously. It was a was a thought and I blurted it out. I didn't mean it that way," Hart adds

"It's fine. I don't care. I'm fine. We'll take a poll on how you meant it with people here later after the show is over," he replies.

The clip quickly picked up steam and earned more than 30,000 retweets and nearly 100,000 likes.

At first glance, it may look like Cheadle was genuinely angered by Hart's sudden outburst. However, that does not appear to be the case. Prior to Hart's comments about Cheadle's age, the two noted that they had “a good relationship" that goes back nearly 20 years. The two also spent time joking about matters that one typically wouldn't poke fun at unless they were very close.

“Drugs, do you do ‘em?” Cheadle asked to open up the interview.

When Hart made a joke about Cheadle's age, the actor got around to saying that he's “still here, still kicking, still walking” and that his “knees are still working — no noise!”

Afterward, a fan asked if Cheadle was truly mad about what Hart said and he offered this response.

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