Officials Share Updated Death Toll Following Massive Earthquake In Haiti

Haiti Earthquake

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Haiti continues to deal with the devastating aftermath of a massive 7.2-magnitude earthquake that shook the nation to its core. The death toll has climbed each day as first responders continue to sort through the debris and damage. On Saturday, the death toll was reportedly listed at 304 lives lost and then it climbed to 724 lives lost on early Sunday morning. As of Sunday evening, the death toll sat at 1,297. Moreover, reports estimate that 5,700 people also sustained injuries during the fatal natural disaster.

"It's devastation throughout the region," CORE representative Margaret Lubin told NPR.

"Hospitals are totally overwhelmed. We are in need of doctors, of medicine. And the aid needs to get to the remote areas. The roads are blocked. So, there's a lot, a lot, a lot to do."

Many of those who perished in the earthquake lived in southern Haiti. Areas like Grand'Anse and Nippes lost a combined 241 residents. Several humanitarian organizations have attempted to travel out to these areas, but have run into literal roadblocks as the earthquake caused damage that makes it difficult to get to areas that need help most.

"Everywhere is agony," Mercy Corps program manager Allen Joseph said.

"Many, many people are without homes anymore. People everywhere we went were crying, worried. Moving around is very difficult."

Joseph and others looking to help communities in Haiti are now in a race against time. Tropical Depression Grace is spiraling towards the Caribbean nation with fast-paced winds and rain. Many fear that the tropical depression could trigger mudslides that lead to more deaths.

"Hopefully Grace will be graceful enough to spare us," Haitian Ambassador Boochit Edmond told Good Morning America.

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