'This Is How We Do It': Dear White People Goes Full Musical In New Trailer

Dear White People

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Dear White People is preparing for its last hurrah next month and it is going out with a bang. Using Logan Browning's Sam White and DeRon Horton's Lionel Higgins as narrators, this season will center around Winchester University's annual variety show. Led by Brandon P. Bell's character, Troy Fairbanks, the cast must determine whether it wants to make a political statement or stick to the status quo.

"This is how we do a final season," the season's description reads.

"Reunited amid a pandemic, future Sam and Lionel look back on their epic final year together at Winchester — which plays out as a '90s musical."

Fans of the show may be bummed to hear that it is coming to a close, but there are more than a few things to be excited about. First, the final season has a bit of a twist. It's being promoted as a 90s musical with your favorite characters singing 90s hits like "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan. Second, Dear White People creator Justin Simien has hinted that there are spinoffs in the works.

"I absolutely would love the idea of spinoffs. I think that the format and the show structure that we created with Dear White People is something that even younger, more radical voices could step into and tell their own stories. I think Winchester, at least if I had my way, would live on as an institution that could continue to be a stage for these conversations," Simien told Deadline.

With the show using future versions of Sam White and Lionel Higgins as narrators, Simien could be hinting at something to come in the near future. For now, fans can enjoy the final season's trailer and photos before the show returns on September 22.

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