Jill Scott Plays An Angel In Upcoming 1980s TV Series Reboot

Photo: Getty Images

Jill Scott is starring in a movie series reboot of Highway to Heaven, the 1980s drama series that aired on NBC and starred Michael Landon

In the original series, Landon played an angel who is sent back to earth to help people, now the R&B singer will be playing the angel on a positive mission. 

According to Deadline, the movie version of the series will air on Lifetime and follow Scott’s character, "Angela" the angel, who applies for a “temporary guidance counselor” job at a middle school

In the recently released trailer of the movie, Angela tells the principal, played by Barry Watson, “A few weeks in one place can be enough to change a life –– I could start today.” 

Check out the trailer below.

The three-time Grammy-winning artist is also executive producing the first installment of the movie series. The singer also executive produced the Netflix documentary In Our Mothers' Gardens released earlier this year.

Highway to Heaven is scheduled to premiere on Lifetime on November 6. 

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