Milk Crate Challenge Tests Balance Of Those Willing To Test Their Luck

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Another month, another viral challenge. 

This month, it’s the Milk Crate Challenge, where brave contestants must pass over a pyramid of plastic crates stacked high above the ground without falling. The seemingly easy feat has been successfully completed by a few, while ending in disaster for many who test their luck. 

While crates individually can actually hold up under pressure, stacked up into a pyramid creates a situation of instability for the person trying to get to the other side. 

Videos of the challenge surfaced on TikTok and soon spread to Twitter as social media users marveled at the contest, some wondering where the milk crates to build the pyramid even came from in the first place.

Warning –– some videos include profanity/strong language

Though the origins of the challenge remain fuzzy at the moment, it does have a set of rules, the first being that the crates have to be set up on grass or soil –– a rule some people didn’t heed. Other rules relayed on social media include the correct, challenge-approved dimensions of the crate pyramid.

Some people have posted their post-challenge injuries as a warning to others who think they can do it.

On a serious note though, people interested in taking the challenge should be really careful since rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are stretching medical staff thin and even preventing ambulances from getting to those in need of serious medical help.

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