Black Streamers Plan Boycott To Bring Attention To Twitch Hate Raids

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Streamers are taking action against Twitch after years of racist and offensive comments flooding the chats of marginalized content creators.

Black streamers have been vocal about the hate raids that sometimes clog their live chats with offensive language and slurs, including the n-word. Women and LGBTQ+ creators have also complained about these malicious "hate raids."

This culminated into a trending hashtag #TwitchDoBetter on Twitter, started by streamer RektItRaven and other content creators on the Amazon-owned platform. Twitch has since responded to the criticism by announcing improved chat filters to curb hateful messages. The company said these tools are coming later this year with no definitive launch date.

Meanwhile, streamers have to put up with continued abuse from anonymous users, even with lackluster moderation tools and helpers. Now, content creators are rallying together to not stream on Wednesday, September 1 on Twitch to show their frustration.

#ADayOffTwitch has been trending for a couple of days, and streamers also invite viewers to not watch anyone on Twitch that day.

"I think it's important to come together in a display of solidarity with those who have been affected by these hate raids," Raven told Axios.

Some streamers have pushed back against this idea, warning that it could expose other content creators of color to danger.

"I will not be joining #ADayOffTwitch," streamer Detune starts his tweet. "It throws every small BIPOC streamer to the flames. The majority aren't on "streamer twitter" and are unaware while also being the MOST underprepared/defenseless. In the moments we should be loudest, this call for silence is a misstep."

Detune also argues that Twitch will pay more attention if they focus on advertisers or doing protests live on-stream in unison.

"To be blunt, a day off twitch from all of us mid level streamers isn't even hitting Twitch's margin of error," he says. "Live ON STREAM calls to remove subs and move to fanhouse, to change bits to cash tips, to fight this in a long term format is the only way we can personally impact."

There's no word on how many streamers will participate in the boycott, but the world will have to wait and see if this will have an effect on the issue.

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