TikTok Reacts After 'Gas Station Karen' Calls Black Man A 'Crack Dealer'

Stop Racial Profiling

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An interaction between a white woman by the name of Erin and a Black couple has gone viral.

Erin, now known as "Gas Station Karen," was getting into a heated, slightly physical interaction with a man she appears to know when a Black woman by the name of Nikki Harbor begins to record it. In the first one-minute clip, "Gas Station Karen" and a mother man can be seen pushing each other and throwing each other's things as they yell at each other. As the recording goes on, Nikki Harbor claims that "Gas Station Karen" began to realize that she was being recorded.

After the first one-minute clip comes to a close, a second recording begins. It appears that both parties are in different locations, but remain at the same gas station. At this point, "Gas Station Karen" becomes furious with Nikki Harbor and her significant other, a man identified as Issac. She begins to accuse Issac of being a drug dealer despite reportedly having no contact with him prior to this recording. Unfazed by the name-calling, Nikki and Issac remain positioned at their vehicle as "Gas Station Karen" appears to make movements to their car. The man that is with "Gas Station Karen" is equally taken aback by her comments and begins to point out the discriminatory nature of her comments.

***The videos below contain profane language***

The initial interaction appears to have taken place in June and has gradually gained traction across multiple media platforms including WorldstarHipHop, The Young Turks and TikTok. However, Harbor claims that TikTok removed the original video and barred her from posting other videos for nearly a month. Recently, she regained access to her account and began to address the situation again.

"What's [Erin's] problem?" a TikTok user by the name of Theresa Phillips asked.

"Erin needs to learn her place," another Tik Tok user commented.

Nikki Harbor also spoke to TMZ to address the situation further. She explained what led up to the incident and noted that she has not filed charges against Erin.

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