Health Officials Predict How Many More COVID-19 Deaths The US Will Record

COVID-19 Memorial

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Recent reports from the Associated Press indicate that 100,000 more people will likely die from COVID-19 before the United States of American gains a handle on the pandemic. Fortunately, health officials believe there is a way to curb the number of lives lost due to the violent virus. If more American residents were to wear masks, health officials have indicated that the number of COVID-19 related deaths could be cut down to 50,000 lives lost.

“Behavior is really going to determine if, when and how sustainably the current wave subsides,” University of Texas COVID-19 Modeling Consortium Director Lauren Ancel Meyers told the Associated Press.

“We cannot stop delta in its tracks, but we can change our behavior overnight.”

Currently, 1,100 people are dying each day due to the virus. By mid-September, the University of Washington projects 1,400 lives will be lost each day due to the virus. Moreover, an additional 98,000 lives will be lost due to the virus by December. Again, health officials believe this is preventable if more Americans get vaccinated, wear masks and stay home when sick.

“Those things are within our control,” Meyers explained.

“We can save 50,000 lives simply by wearing masks. That’s how important behaviors are,” University of Washington professor Ali Mokdad added.

Unfortunately, lawmakers in several states are moving against the advice of respected health professionals. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently issued a mandate that makes it illegal for state government entities to enforce vaccination mandates. Elsewhere, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is threatening to pull funding from schools if they institute mask mandates.

"[I am frustrated that Americans] aren’t doing what it takes to control this virus," Mokdad expressed to the Associated Press.

“I don’t get it. We have a fire and nobody wants to deploy a firetruck.”

While his pleas appear to be falling on deaf ears, infection rates seem to be slowing down after a brief increase earlier this summer. Still, doctors are here to remind the nation that this is not over quite yet. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts the nation will not have a handle on the pandemic until March 2022.

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