Meteorologists Watch For Tornadoes Following Hurricane Ida

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As rescue crews search for stranded residents in Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Ida’s forceful impact on the region, experts are keeping an eye out for another weather threat: tornadoes. 

Weather experts say hurricanes leave ideal conditions for tornadoes to form in their wake, and Ida is no different. According to CNN meteorologist Haley Brink, there is currently a slightly elevated risk of tornadoes –– Level 2 out of 5 –– over the Central Gulf Coast that is set to last through Tuesday morning (August 31). 

The National Weather Service highlighted areas throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, currently bracing for potential tornadoes to touchdown.

This weather phenomenon is created along the outer edges of a hurricane system. Once the hurricane makes landfall, there’s an increase in surface friction which can lead to tornadoes, The New York Times explained. 

Some of the same areas under tornado watch are also experiencing massive power outages and flooding caused by Hurricane Ida. State officials are encouraging people to stay where they are as authorities assess damage to roads and bridges. Louisiana police reported the first Hurricane-Ida related death Sunday (August 29), after a 60-year-old man died from a tree that fell into his home. 

Wind gusts from the storm reached a staggering 165 mph causing damage to buildings and structures. Residents of the affected area must now wait and see if additional weather systems will impact their communities.

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