Couple Sends Out Invoices For $240 After Guests Don't Show Up To Wedding

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A Chicago couple got creative with party favors after their special day, sending invoices to guests who RSVP’d but didn’t actually show up to the ceremony. 

Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee had their wedding at the Royalton Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica, and categorized the invited guests who didn’t show up but said they were coming as “No Call, No Show.” 

Doug posted a photo of the invoice to Facebook, writing, “Don’t be offended when I send this #invoice to you. It’s gonna look something like this. I’ll be sending it via email and certified mail… just in case you say you ain’t get the email.” The photo shows a $240 charge for reception plates that went uneaten by the “No Call, No Show” guests.   

“This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seat(s) at the wedding reception during the Final Headcount,” the note of the official invoice reads. “The amount above is the cost of your individual seats. Because you didn’t call or give us proper notice that you wouldn’t be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seat(s) in advance,” the note continues.

Guests have a month to pay their balance off and can send the funds through an assortment of money transferring apps.

While the invoice sparked debate on social media about proper wedding guest etiquette, Doug followed up and said hundreds of couples thanked him for sharing the invoice after they went through their own “no call no show” experiences. 

“I got over 200+ inbox messages from people thanking me for the #INVOICE post. Many have shared horror stories about people who no showed on them. Weddings & birthday parties … very sad,” he wrote. 

The newlyweds told the New York Post they were ultimately hurt by people not showing up to their planned dream wedding and that’s where the invoice came from. 

“Four times we asked, ‘Are you available to come, can you make it ?,’ and they kept saying ‘Yes,’” Doug said. “If you tell me you can’t make it, I would be understanding –– but to tell me nothing, but then let me pay for you and your plus ones? Four people became eight people. I took that personally,” Doug added

The photo went viral, social media users weighing in on the situation. Some were for the invoices, while others called it “tacky” and some said they simply would not pay.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, the couple’s wedding guest invoice might have inspired some other couples headed to the altar, so wedding guests might want to be careful with their RSVPs.

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