Master P Plans To Send Water To Hurricane Ida Victims Through His Company

Master P

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Hurricane Ida has left many people with more questions than answers. More than one million people have been left without electricity, roofs have blown off of homes, families are searching for safe places to stay and at least one person is dead. FEMA has stepped in to provide more than three million meals and deploy more than 3,600 emergency response personnel. States like New York, California, Colorado and Ohio have also sent emergency response teams to assist with search and rescue missions. While the efforts of state and federal governments are needed in a major way, it will take the support of the entire nation to help the area rebuild.

New Orleans native Percy "Master P" Miller native is doing his part to help Hurricane Ida victims. When approached by TMZ, Miller explained that he is using his company as a medium to send water to those in need. He also explained that as a New Orleans native he knows firsthand how resilient the people of that area can be.

"You've always been a guy to give back to the community I'm just wondering, how are you going to help them get through this?" the reporter asked.

"It's going to take a lot of prayers. Also, I [have] a water company called LA Great Water. You can go to if you need some help [or] some assistance. We're going to make sure people get water. [We're going to] make sure we [are] able to feed our people and help them get back. Hurricane Katrina was a tough one, [but] this one [is] even tougher. All [of] the lights [have] been out for a while. [There has been] no phone [service]. We[ [are] definitely trying to figure it out and it's [going to] take all of us coming together," he answered.

Despite the damage that has been done, Miller is hopeful that the city can rebound from this tragedy and come out on the other side stronger. In his words, there is "a lot of love" in the city during times of hardship.

"I'm just praying for my people at home," he said.

"[Threre's] a lot of love in that city. Even though we go through a lot of devastation and tragedy, [there's] a lot of love."

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