Mass Power Outages Reported After Remnants Of Hurricane Ida Slams Northeast

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After Hurricane Ida devastated the Gulf Coast, remnants of the storm traveled north and east, slamming New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with record levels of rainfall.

Some areas saw seven to eight inches of rain in the early hours of Thursday (September 2). Streets and communities were flooded throughout the area, with NYC’s subway system taking in gallons of water. Road closures along main highways have been reported as clean up crews begin pickup fallen trees and debris. 

At least 11 people have been reported dead after dangerous floods swept the area. Tornadoes were reported in some New Jersey neighborhoods as what was left of Hurricane Ida –– the nation’s fifth largest hurricane on record –– trudged through the region. 

Mass Power Outages

At least 200,000 people are without power following the record downpour. According to, nearly 76,000 people in Pennsylvania, 61,000 New Jersey residents, and over 42,000 New Yorkers do not have power. 

NYC subway service has been shut down and officials across multiple states issue warnings against travel.

President Biden Speaks on the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

On Thursday (September 2), President Joe Biden addressed the nation following the deadly floods, acknowledging the record-setting rainfall that took the lives of 11 people. 

Biden said that FEMA resources are “on the ground and ready to provide all the assistance that’s needed.” 

The president is set to travel to Louisiana on Friday (September 3) after Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday (August 29), causing “catastrophic damage.”

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