Amazon Fires Black Employee After White Employee Calls Him The N-Word


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Former Amazon Driver Associate Nikolas Mayrant says he was fired after another Amazon employee called him a n-----.

Video of the incident shows Mayrant attempting to deliver a package to the home of fellow Amazon employee Brad Boynton. Boynton appears to be on the phone with another Amazon employee while yelling at Mayrant and accusing him of breaking Amazon's delivery policies. Among other things, Boynton accused Mayrant of parking his car in a reckless position and walking across his lawn. However, Mayrant told REVOLT that he “park[ed] awkwardly on a narrow street” to avoid other parked cars.

“After waiting behind my van for no longer than 20 seconds, the individual slammed the door in my face whilst I was trying to deliver his package to him,” Mayrant explained to REVOLT.

Making matters worse, Boynton, who is white, can be heard calling Mayrant, who is Black, a n----- several times as he walks away. When Boynton sent a Ring video of himself hurling racial slurs at Mayrant to his colleagues, Mayrant was fired. However, Mayrant's sister, Heather Rose, was able to get the video and upload it to Instagram for the world to see.

"I know racism is still alive," she wrote.

"But it’s a little more heartbreaking [and] shocking to see when it’s my blood brother. Anyone who knows my brother knows he is the [quietest] person [and] stays to himself!"

Within 24 hours, the video garnered more than 100,000 views and caught the attention of civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

"This is unacceptable! A Black Amazon driver was fired from his job after a neighborhood resident called him racial slurs [and] harassed him while taking photos of him," Crump tweeted.

"Why was this young man terminated when he was the victim of this shameful harassment?"

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