Frank Ocean Debuts His New Collaboration With Prada

Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean may be known as the singer-songwriter who delivered Channel Orange, Blonde and Nostalgia, Ultra, but he is a man of many talents. In the world of music, he also raps and produces music. Outside of the world of music, he's done photography for GQ, owned his own nightclub and done bit of acting. Now, he's putting his energy and creativity into the world of fashion.

Earlier today, the award-winning creative unveiled his newest collaboration with Prada. Through his luxury jewelry imprint, Homer, Ocean helped design diamond-encrusted, candy-enamel pieces that go on sale this month. He also spoke about the process of working with Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons during an interview with the Financial Times.

“I really admire both Raf and Miuccia," he said.

“It’s a treat to see them play together and show us how they collaborate. I have had more conversations with Miuccia than Raf. I find her really warm and sharp-witted. She is so open-minded. Nothing about her feels jaded.”

This is not the singer's first time working with Prada. In the past, he's worn Prada to the Met Gala and starred in their spring campaign. Moving forward, he plans to continue to create things with Prada while also building things that he can enjoy, but also pass on to those in his family after him.

“It’s never lost on me that my surname is a by-product of slavery in the US,” the singer told the Financial Times about his last name, Breaux.

“It’s never lost on me that I don’t have access to my real name. I can’t trace my heritage back that far, which is why I am interested in creating things that are mine, stay mine and belong to my family. Things that I can pass on.”

Frank Ocean's latest creations are currently available at the Homer store in New York and on Signal at 212-410-3300

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