Jennifer Hudson Moves One Step Closer To Becoming An EGOT

Jennifer Hudson

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Last night, Jennifer Hudson took her third step on the four-step journey to becoming an "EGOT." She took home an EMMY Award for her role as an executive producer on the VR experience, Baba Yaga. As described Baobab Studios, the VR experience "invites viewers to be the "main character in a haunting fairytale world completely reimagined."

"Their choices determine the ending of this story of love, fortitude and magic. Sometimes a force for evil, sometimes a force for good, the enigmatic witch Baba Yaga uses her powers to stop the villagers whose settlement encroaches upon her enchanted Forest," the description continues.

Written by Madagascar mastermind Eric Darnell, the VR experience stars Kate Winslet, Daisy Ridley, Glenn Close and Hudson. Behind the scenes, Mathias Cheleburg worked as the director and Maureen Fan, Larry Cutler and Kane Lee stepped up as executive producers.

With an EMMY award, Hudson has three-fourths of the EGOT crown. Fourteen years ago, Hudson earned an Academy Award for her role in Dreamgirls. Two years later, she won a GRAMMY Award for her self-titled debut album. To gain the complete EGOT crown, Hudson would have to earn a Tony Award.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Hudson made her Broadway debut in December 2015 in Shug Avery's edition of The Color Purple. Her performance in the play led many to believe that she'd earn a Tony nomination in the spring. Unfortunately, she did not, but her costars, Cynthia Erivo and Danielle Brooks, did. Initially, she tweeted that she was disappointed, but not "surprised" that she wasn't nominated.

"Ultimate snub of Jennifer Hudson for the Tony Awards. Her performance was great for it being her first time on Broadway," a fan tweeted.

"My presence was used for my celebrity [and] not my talent. [I am] not surprised," she replied.

Later on, Hudson decided to delete her tweet. She also used her Instagram account to congratulate her costars. However, Hudson has not returned to Broadway since then.

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