Florida Nurse Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Kill Kamala Harris

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A South Florida nurse has pleaded guilty to threatening to assassinate the Vice President of the United States: Kamala Harris.

Niviane Petit Phelps, of Miami Gardens, faces up to five years in prison after admitting to the assassination plot earlier this year, according to Complex. Back in February, the 39-year-old woman sent videos to her husband, who was behind bars, outlining her plan to kill Harris.

Not only did Phelps threatened the vice president's life but she claimed to have accepted $53,000 to carry out a "hit" on Harris within 50 days.

“Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are numbered already,” Phelps said in one video.

The threats were brought to the attention of Special Agent David Ballenger in March. A complaint obtained by CBS Miami reads,

"The videos (that are of relevance to this investigation) generally depict Phelps complaining and speaking angrily to the camera about her hatred for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, among others. However, in these videos, Phelps also made statements about killing Vice President Harris."

Phelps refused to speak to Miami-Dade Police detectives and Secret Service agents when they visited her home on August 3, according to reporters. Three days later, she reportedly told a Secret Service agent she was angry about Harris becoming Vice President but got over her rage. Phelps was charged in April.

Jackson Memorial Medical Center, Phelps' employer, released a statement saying she was "suspended without pay while we process her employment termination," NBC Miami says.

Heroeia Petit, Phelps' mother, also pleaded for the charges to be dropped against her daughter, saying the Miami Gardens nurse "doesn't even know what she's doing."

"Don’t punish her ... 'cause she listened to what people tell her," Petit told NBC Miami. "She’s desperate. She don’t got nothing to do. Her husband’s been in jail 10 years, two children. The house, she lost everything."

Phelps' sentencing is scheduled for November 19.

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