‘Biggest Loser’ Trends On Twitter After Larry Elder Loses California Recall

Photo: Getty Images

Efforts to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom failed big time. 

Right-wing radio host Larry Elder, who became the face of the state’s Republican opposition to Newsom, lost majorly to the incumbent governor on the recall election day, September 14. 

Newsom crushed at the ballot box, taking nearly every two out of three voters in the state, according to election counts taken early Wednesday (September 15), with about 70 percent of the vote counted. Elder, at that count, received 2.2 million ballots of the nearly 9 million that had been counted. 

Elder conceded hours after the election, speaking to supporters in Costa Mesa, California. "Let's be gracious in defeat," Elder told the crowd who boo'ed at hearing Newsom's name mentioned on stage.

Critics of Elder took to Twitter to boast about his loss, which eventually got “biggest loser” trending on the social media platform.

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