Justice Department Files For Court Order To Block Texas Abortion Law

Photo: Getty Images

The US Department of Justice late Tuesday (September 14) sought a court order to immediately block the enforcement of Texas’ controversial abortion law

According to NBC News, the court order filing was made in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, and describes that law as an “unprecedented scheme” that is unconstitutional. 

The DOJ says the abortion ban unlawfully prohibits a person seeking abortion or an abortion provider from challenging the law in federal court –– which is unconstitutional, the Department argued

The DOJ specifically asked for a restraining order or preliminary injunction to “protect the constitutional rights of women in Texas,” the nation’s interest in following its own Constitution, and the jobs of those federal agencies and employees whose actions would be banned by the law. 

Other legal challenges to the law are in motion after the US Supreme Court failed to act on the law earlier this month. Under the law, a private citizen could be awarded at least $10,000 plus attorney fees for reporting any person seeking abortion or helping that person get the procedure through a civil lawsuit.

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