Rep. Cori Bush's Public Safety Reform Bill Gets Support From Ben & Jerry's

Cori Bush

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Ben & Jerry's has introduced a new flavor that was created in support of Rep. Cori Bush's public safety reform bill, The People's Response Act. The new flavor, Change is Brewing, is a delicious combination of coffee ice cream, marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies. Each container of the new flavor features a picture of a Black artist painting the word, "Liberation," across a canvas.

"Change is Brewing is part of Ben & Jerry's ongoing work to advance racial justice, calling for the nation to divest from a broken criminal legal system and invest in services that help communities thrive, like mental health treatment, counseling, substance use treatment, and healthcare," a statement of the popular ice cream brand reads.

Ben & Jerry's is one of 70 organizations working with Bush and the Movement for Black Lives to promote The People's Response Act. As described by Ben & Jerry's, the bill was "written to transform a system that disproportionately criminalizes Black and Brown people into a system that provides resources to help every community."

If passed, Bush and her colleagues, Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Jan Schakowsky and Pramila Jayapal, aim to bring "an inclusive, holistic, and health-centered" method of public safety to towns across the nation.

"Public safety is a public health issue. It’s time our approach reflects that," Bush stated in a press release.

“The People’s Response Act will transform public safety into a system of care rather than criminalization, healing rather than incarceration, and prevention rather than policing. We are safer when our communities are well funded, our people are healthy and housed, and our children have nutritious meals, excellent schools, and green spaces to play in."

Utilizing her new partnership to empower her legislative efforts, a portion of all Change is Brewing sales will go toward organizations seeking to transform public safety in America.

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