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Anthony Hamilton

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Actor. Producer. Award winner. Over the years, the world has witnessed Anthony Hamilton wear a variety of different hats in the world art, entertainment and pop culture. With that said, the world first came to know him as the soulful voice behind "Nobody Else" in 1996. From there, he was able to transcend generations and genres with undeniable hits like "Charlene," "Can't Let Go" and "Cool" featuring David Banner. His consistent hitmaking ability, soulful voice and honest songwriting have built a fan base that will ride with him until the wheels fall off. With his new album, Love Is The New Black, fresh on the minds of listeners, Hamilton chopped it up with legendary journalist Ed Gordon about the meaning behind the album while also reflecting on how far he's come over the last 25 years.


Photo: Getty Images

How The Phrase, Love Is The New Black, Was Formed

Early in the podcast, Ed Gordon asks Anthony Hamilton how he formed the title for his new album, Love Is The New Black. The Grammy Award winner explained that his best friend and A&R delivered the new title.

"We're amazing. We're elegant. We're classy. We're classic. We're all of those things that are powerful and beautiful. I wanted this album to symbolize that. So, I was like, 'Black love. Black love. Something. Something. Black. Black.' Then, my best friend of 30 years, who is actually my A&R and co-writer, said, 'What if you said love is the new Black?' I said, 'Man, that's absolutely exactly what I wanted to say,'" Hamilton told Gordon.

Reconnecting With Jermaine Dupri

While making this album, Anthony Hamilton was able to join forces with Jermaine Dupri, the famed producer behind So So Def Records. Dupri is also responsible for producing Hamilton's breakout 2003 album, Where I'm Coming From. Ed Gordon asked Hamilton what it was like to reunite with the producer who played a pivotal role in his career.

"Jermaine saw me in the rawest form and saw my talent for what it was. He didn't really battle with what people said it should be," Hamilton said.

"Him and Manuel Seal. They nailed. I've got four bangers on here from Jermaine Dupri and it was time for us to really get in. And we're not finished."

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