Dave Chappelle Shares The Release Date For His Next Stand-Up Comedy Special

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Comedian Dave Chappelle appears ready to put an end to his latest run of Netflix specials. On Wednesday, the comedic superstar announced that his sixth Netflix special, The Closer, is on the way. Adding to the special announcement, the Maryland native released a short teaser with clips from the aforementioned stand-up special.

“Comedians have a responsibility to speak recklessly,” Chappelle told the crowd.

“Sometimes the funniest thing to say is mean. Remember, I’m not saying it to be mean: I’m saying it because it’s funny.”

Chappelle has stayed fairly busy despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Most notably, he released the impromptu special 8:46. In front of a small crowd in Ohio, the Mark Twain Prize recipient spoke honestly about the murder of George Floyd, police brutality and racial inequality.

"Normally I wouldn't show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand," Chapelle

His brutal honesty and reflection was rewarded. Over the span for 14 months, the 27-minute special has garnered critical acclaim and more than 30 million YouTube views. Not to mention, it picked up an Emmy nomination as well.

***The video below contains profane language***

Beyond his critically acclaimed 8:46 special, Chappelle sparked a movement and regained the rights to The Chappelle Show. More recently, he traveled to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival to debut his new documentary, Dave Chappelle: This Time This Place. Aside from the film festival, the comedian was happy to see people back in the streets of New York enjoying the music, food, film, culture and nightlife that the city has to offer.

“I was shocked to see streets full again. People living their lives and peeing, like they do in the summertime. I’m so grateful we all survived this, and I’m so sorry for any of you who lost someone or lost something due to this pandemic," he told Variety.

“Commit to being kind to one another. They cannot break us apart, no matter what our country says, no matter what any corporation says. We will help each other get through tough times.”

Chappelle can offer fans a way to laugh through these tough times as well when The Closer hits Netflix on October 5.

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