Issa Rae Teases Fans With The Trailer For The Final Season Of 'Insecure'


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The season four finale of Insecure left a number of important manners unresolved. Issa and Molly weren't seeing eye to eye, Tiffany was battling postpartum depression and Alex was preparing to cut ties with Molly. Most importantly, Condola revealed that she was pregnant with Lawrence's child just as he and Issa were trying to get back together. Fortunately, fans will not have to wait much longer to get the answers to these questions. Teasing fans yet again, Issa Rae shared the first full-length trailer for season five of Insecure.

The 127-second clip kicks off with the main character, Issa Dee, having one of her classic mirror scenes. In a more positive interaction, Issa's reflection starts hyping her up and letting her know how far she's come. From there, things shift to Stanford University where it appears Kelli, Molly, Issa, Tiffany and Chad have returned for a reunion. On the bright side, Molly and Issa appear to be on speaking terms, but Molly still feels a bit off about things.

"How long did it take for you and Tiff to get 'back back'?" Molly asks Kelli privately.

"Chile, the jokes I laughed at [of Tiffany's] weren't even funny. It's a lifelong journey, girl," Kelli replies.

As the trailer unfolds, Molly appears to be at a family gathering when she shares that she is not dating anyone right now. Therefore, Alex is out of the picture....for now at least. In typical motherly fashion, Molly's Mom comments on how she needs to get married soon because she's not getting any younger.

Towards the end, important scenes start popping up quickly. In one clip, Lawrence is on a plane, presumably to the job he was considering in season four. In another clip, Condola is holding a baby that we'd presume to be hers. Not to mention, Nathan pops up and there's a scene where Issa is caught fawning over Kofi Siriboe. As this is all going on, Bent Faiyaz's "Gravity" is playing in the background and Issa ends with one final question.

"How would you want to be remembered?"

Season five of Insecure will debut on October 24.

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