Ed Gordon Catches Up With Isaac Hayes III In New Episode Of 'One Hundred'

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On the latest episode of One Hundred, Ed Gordon speaks with Isaac Hayes III, son of the late music legend Isaac Hayes.

The younger Hayes carved out his own path in music, producing for rappers Redman and Kurupt among many other artists. He's also carried on the legacy of the buttery voice, branching out into voice over work for brands like McDonald's, American Airlines, and Cadillac.

Hayes' latest venture is a social media app called Fanbase that allows users to monetize their viral content.

When asked about why he went down the entrepreneurial route in the tech space, Hayes said it was "the youth" and a viral video from 2018 that used a 80s hit song.

"The young man that was dancing in the Spider Man costume in a Game Stop to a-ha's 'Take On Me' that went viral, he was from Memphis. I reached out just to say congratulations, but the exchange we had after I sent him a message was him looking for management," Hayes said, adding that the moment had "him really frantic about how to capitalize on this moment that had him having 300,000 followers out of no where."

From there, Hayes started thinking about the ways people could subscribe to the young man's dancing content and the idea for Fanbase was born.

Check out the rest of Ed Gordon's conversation with Issac Hayes III above.

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