11-Year-Old Tani Adewumi Is Training For New History-Making Chess Title

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At just 11 years old, Tanitoluwa "Tani" Adewumi has already reached some impressive feats.

A year ago, at just ten, the Nigerian-born preteen became the nation's youngest chess master. Now, Tani has his eyes set on a new history-making chess title.

"I want to become the youngest grandmaster, and possibly world champion" Adewumi told CNN. To reach his goals, Tani practices upwards of seven hours a day, and sometimes ten hours when he doesn't have school. The 11-year-old started playing the game at just three and has since amassed an ever-growing trophy case.

"Some are in my room," Tani says of his trophy collection. "The biggest one I've got it's up to my neck."

Of all of his achievement so far, Tani said his proudest is winning state chess champion because "that's the one that really boosted us up to become where we are today."

Tani's family fled Nigeria in 2017, following attacks by the extremist group, Boko Haram. The family of four first lived in a New York homeless shelter before gaining financial support from the chess community after Tani's success grew.

"One family, they paid for a year's rent in Manhattan," Kayode Adewumi, Tani's father, told CNN. "One family gave us in 2019 a brand new Honda," he continued, noting that the St. Louis Chess Club also helped out with coaching for Tani.

"A lot of people really helped us, a lot of people gave us the financial (support) and money," Kayode said.

In return of the outpouring of support, the family launched the Tanitoluwa Adewumi Foundation in order to "give back to the needy, because we know what it takes," Kayode said.

Check out more about the foundation and Tani's journey here.

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