Black Female Firefighter Allegedly Depicted With White Face In Mural

Candid Close-Up of Black Female Firefighter and Helmet

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Officials in a South Florida city are meeting this week over a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Black woman after she was depicted with a white face in a South Florida mural, CNN reports.

Latosha Clemons is Boynton Beach, Florida's first Black female firefighter, and was honored by being part of a mural unveiled on June 3, 2020. What soured the big moment was when she saw that her face was allegedly portrayed with a much, much lighter complexion. Clemons filed the lawsuit against Boynton Beach back in April.

"It did not reflect Clemons as the Black member of the city fire department. Instead, it was altered and reflected her as a White member of the city Fire Department," the complaint said. "Being depicted as White was not only a false presentation of Clemons, it was also a depiction which completely disrespected all that [she] the first female Black firefighter for the city had accomplished."

City Manager Lori LaVerriere confirmed to CNN Sunday (October 10) that Boynton Beach city commissioners will have a "closed-door session to discuss the litigation." She also offered "no comment" on the matter due to ongoing litigation.

A second amended complaint claims Clemons was "defamed" by the city by "failing to properly oversee an approved use of the likeness of Clemons." The firefighter is seeking over $30,000 in damages, the document adds.

Clemons made history back in 1996 and served the city for 26 years in different capacities, the complaint reads.

Court records say a meditation session is set for November 30.

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