'Disturbing' Tweet From Hellmann's Mayonnaise Disgusts, Intrigues Twitter

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Mayonnaise is an incredibly versatile condiment. Of course it can be enjoyed in sandwiches, but there are many other uses for it as well, like in dips, dressings and tuna or potato salad. Some people even choose to put it on their fries. However, the controversial suggestion made recently on famed mayo maker Hellmann's' Twitter has people concerned and confused.

The tweet simply reads, "Mayo in your coffee. That's it. That's the tweet."

For those unaware of what mayonnaise is made from, its main ingredients are oil, egg yolk and vinegar, so when Hellmann's recommended that followers try it in their coffee, they got some pushback.

The condiment company then doubled down on the tweet, following it up with one that says, "Nope, that wasn't a typo. Mayo in your coffee. It's called having a sophisticated pallet [sic]," and another that reads, "The benefits of putting mayo in your coffee include: Mayo in your coffee [and] coffee in your mayo."

Among those who were disgusted by the suggestion was singer Dionne Warwick, who was so disturbed by it that she blocked Hellmann's.

Other replies included, "I love you intensely, Hellmann's, but this tweet is pure violence," "Unfollowed and reported," and "Sorry Hellmann's social media person you've gone too far."

Some people, however, were into the idea, with one saying, "I might actually drink coffee at that point." Another mayo lover who supports the combination is University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, whose TikTok of himself drinking the mixture is what prompted Hellmann's to tweet about it (and make the "sophisticated pallet" reference).

As for many other people, their sentiments were summed up by a tweet from another company very familiar with condiments, Oscar Mayer, who replied to Hellmann's writing only, "#brave."

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