Elijah McClain's Family Reaches Settlement With City Of Aurora

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Attorneys representing Elijah McClain's mother, Sheneen McClain, say that her family has reached a settlement with the city of Aurora, Colorado for an undisclosed amount of money. In a brief statement, attorneys representing McClain's mother explained that they were "resolving all claims raised in her federal civil rights lawsuit.”

“The court will now determine [the] allocation of the proceeds between Ms. McClain, the parent who raised Elijah McClain by herself, and LaWayne Mosley, the absent biological father,” Sheneen McClain's attorneys stated, according to CBS Denver.

Shortly after McClain's mother issued a statement, attorneys representing his father, LaWayne Mosley, also spoke about the settlement. Mosley's representation said that he hopes this settlement "will allow his family and the community to begin to heal."

"Nothing will bring back his son Elijah, who he loved dearly, but he is hopeful that this settlement with Aurora, and the criminal charges against the officers and medics who killed Elijah, will allow his family and the community to begin to heal," the statement reads, according to CBS Denver.

News of the settlement comes six weeks after three officers and two paramedics were charged in connection to McClain's death. The group faces a total of five charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

“Nothing will bring back my son, but I am thankful that his killers will finally be held accountable,” Mosley told FOX 31 in Colorado.

“For far too long, racist and brutal police across this country have acted as though the law does not apply to them. This indictment serves as a powerful reminder to all members of law enforcement that no one is above the law," Mosley's attorney, Mari Newman, added.

At this time, a trial date has not been set for the paramedics and officers involved in McClain's death.

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