10 Black Businesses Perfect To Support This Fall

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Fall is here and fans of sweater weather, denim jackets, and homecoming couldn’t be more hype. 

To start the season off right, the Black Information Network spoke with co-founders of Duke & Dame Salted Caramel Whiskey, Amani Macaulay and Chima Burey to get ready for the colder months. 

The company was founded after a chance conversation after dinner one night and a series of experiments in a kitchen-turned-science lab. 

"The topic came up, if you could start your own flavor of whiskey, what would it be?" Burey explained. "When it came to me, I said I would do something like Werther's Original or sugar babies, sugar daddies, so salted caramel, and everyone at the table said 'Wow, what a great idea,' but of course we all went back to work, it was just dinner conversation, I didn't take it seriously at the time."

It was three years later before the two met up again and started laying out a plan for a new flavor of whiskey to enter the growing market. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

"Our kitchens looked like chemistry labs. We were going back and forth on the make up of whiskey, and the formula," Burey said. The founders' friends sampled the product as the two built the flavor profile to what it is today.

Macaulay said they wanted their product "to be a real whiskey," and bring something different to the market. "We wanted it to have an amazing aroma and flavor that was 100% natural," Macaulay added. "We wanted it to be a whiskey everyone could enjoy."

The co-founders are passionate about the quality flavor, low sugar content, and the variety of uses the whiskey has –– all of them perfect for fall sips and recipes.

As Black business owners, Macaulay and Burey say their biggest challenge was not necessarily having a blueprint to follow. "There's not too many of us in the spirit space, let alone the whiskey space," Burey said. "And just being able to call a friend or call somebody that you know right away who have done it before," was a challenge.

Their biggest reward? Seeing people enjoy their product.

You can check out Duke & Dame here, and on the brand’s YouTube channel here for recipes and cocktail ideas, and more below.

We’re just getting started with the fall-inspired Black-owned businesses, all of which can be enjoyed and supported year round. 

Check out these other businesses to make this autumn an amazing one.

Caribbrew Coffee
Coffee and chocolate lovers, rejoice! Here's a Black woman-founded coffee and chocolate brand that supports Haitian farmers directly.

ItzMade4Me Vegan Hair & Skin Care
Colder weather means our skin needs some more TLC. ItzMade4Me offers a variety of coco and shea butters, perfect to protect hair and skin all year round.

Rell Brook Health & Wellness Products
Get your immune system together with Rell Brook Health & Wellness Products. The company offers Elderberry syrups, teas and more, perfect for all around health.

Feww Essentials
Who doesn't love a good candle! Get your home smelling right with Feww Essentials candles and incense products.

Treb And Flame
There's no such thing as too many candles! Treb and Flame offers a curated playlist with each of their unique scents.

Lost In The Sauce
Vegan Hot Sauce perfect for fall recipes!

The Jungalow
Bedding Essentials for your home, perfect to curl up in! Check out the company's other decor and home essentials, too.

Vieryle Watches
Getting suited and booted for fall isn't complete without a timepiece. Check out Vieryle Watches for unique jewelry to add to your collection.

District of Clothing
The District of Clothing offers hoodies, T-shirts, all of the essentials for fall, all with a message.

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