Man Tracks Down Police Officer Just To Slap Him In The Face, Report Says

Police Car

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In today's edition of unlikely and odd news, a man in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana has been charged with battery of a police officer.

According to a report from CBS affiliate KNOE 8 in Louisiana, a police officer was driving down the 1800 block of Grammont Street when a man by the name of Troy Davis waved the cop down. Responding to the call for assistance, the officer pulled over and Troy Davis allegedly approached the car window. As Davis approached, the officer claims to have greeted Davis.

"What's up man?" the officer allegedly asked.

In a surprise move, Davis is accused of slapping the officer and attempting to flee the scene. Police reports also claim that Davis had a message for the officer as he fled the scene.

"F--- the police," Davis shouted.

However, Davis did not make it far. According to the report from KNOE 8, officers tracked Davis down, arrested him and charged him.

Days after the incident took place, several local media outlets picked up the story. However, the incident when viral when it popped up on the online media platform, Say Cheese TV. It captured nearly 15,000 retweets and 50,000 likes on Twitter in a matter of hours. Some people compared Davis' facial features to those of GRAMMY-nominated artist Freddie Gibbs while others jokingly asked him for to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

In the aftermath of the incident, Davis will face a felony battery charge. As a result, Davis faces a jail sentence of up to six months and fine of up to $500. Authorities have not shared the name of the officer involved or information regarding Davis' first court date.

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