American Black Film Festival Celebrates Visionaries In 25th Annual Event

Photo: American Black Film Festival

The American Black Film Festival is celebrating 25 years this year! The "worldwide digital experience" will be continuing the work of ABFF "to showcase the work of African American filmmakers" beginning November 3 through November 28.

This year's ABFF is a special moment for what began as a gathering of 90 people in Acapulco "to create a nexus of Black creatives to encourage, uplift, and celebrate one another."

"Twenty-five years later, we stand as a leading film festival, bringing together film enthusiasts, artists and filmmakers from around the world, cutting across extraordinary range of stories, countries and cultures," the festival's website says.

It's in that same vein of the festival's "journey" that the event also serves as a source of inspiration for those aspiring to make their dreams turn into realities.

"They said, 'if you dream it, you can be it,'" a commercial for this year's ABFF says. "It takes vision, belief, and above all else, action."

The ABFF is also special for its 2021 Ambassador, Halle Berry, who in 1997, was named the festival's inaugural Rising Star Award.

Before the first ABFF, Halle Berry had shown her acting prowess, having starred in Jungle Fever, Boomerang, and Losing Isaiah. Now, she's back in a full-circle moment and making her directorial debut.

The Oscar-winning actress is set to unveil her latest project at ABFF, Bruised, to be released on Netflix November 24. The film first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

To see Berry's film and so many others, tune into the American Black Film Festival by clicking here.

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