Scientists Test Cardi B's Theory That A 'H-- Never Gets Cold'

Cardi B

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TikTok is known for a number of things including music discovery, dance trends and viral challenges. As the app has evolved and grown, it has also become a great place to learn new things and share valuable information. Recently, some scientists and researchers proved the latter to be true.

A popular TikToker by the name of Roxanne Felig highlights her account with a bio that reads, "Using science to dismantle the patriarchy." In one of her most recent posts, she does just that. Felig earned thousands of followers by promoting a study that she recently conducted alongside researchers down at the University of South Florida. Together, the group of four women set out to see if Cardi B's infamous claim that "a h-- never gets cold" is scientifically accurate. What the group uncovered, ultimately surprised a few people.

The University of South Florida study centers around the theory that when people are hyperfocused on their appearance they tend not not to be impacted by external factors like colder temperatures. To test this theory, researchers surveyed women standing outside of nightclubs in cold weather. They asked women how they felt about their appearance, how long they had been standing outside and how many drinks they had consumed among other things before taking the temperature. In the end, the group found that there was truth to what Cardi B had said in her classic video. The more a person focused on self objectification, the less cold they felt.

"We hypothesized that self‐objectification would moderate the relationship between clothing coverage and reports of feeling cold. Our hypothesis was supported: women low in self‐objectification showed a positive, intuitive, relationship between skin exposure and perceptions of coldness, but women more highly focused on their appearance did not feel colder when wearing less clothing," the study stated.

In short, listen to Cardi.

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