Don Lemon Files Complaint Against Megyn Kelly After 'Lopsided' Interview

Don Lemon + Megyn Kelly

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CNN anchor Don Lemon has filed a legal complaint against Megyn Kelly after she conducted an interview with Dustin Hice, a man who has accused Lemon of engaging with him in a sexually inappropriate manner. Lemon and his attorney, Caroline J. Polisi, have argued that the interview presented a "lopsided" and "inaccurate" depiction of Lemon's encounter with Hice. Polisi and Lemon have also accused Kelly of allowing Hice to make statements about the CNN anchor without "challenging" him.

"You permitted Mr. Hice’s statements to go unchallenged during your broadcast, clearly out of a vendetta you have against Mr. Lemon," a letter from Polisi to Kelly reads, according to Radar Online.

"Although you advertise your podcast as featuring 'honest' conversations without 'BS' or 'agenda,' your podcast today, in which you interviewed Dustin Hice, reveals that you only pay lip service to journalistic ethics."

Polisi argues that Kelly should have at "a minimum" review the legal findings pertaining to the case. According to Radar Online, Polisi claims that the legal documents pertaining to Hice's accusation "substantially" undermine [his] credibility. The attorney also took issue with Kelly referring to Polisi as a sexual assault accuser.

"That claim is false, and you are now on notice," Polisi asserted, according to Radar Online.

"Given that you are, or were, an attorney, I would have expected you to have read the complaint, which neither pleads 'sexual assault,' nor seeks damages for 'sexual assault.'"

The dispute between stems from an accusation that Hice made two years ago. In 2018, Hice says that assaulted in a sexual manner in Sag Harbor. He as described the incident as humiliating and shameful.

“He has his hand in his pants rubbing himself aggressively, and he shoved his two fingers up underneath my mustache," Hice told Kelly.

Lemon has denied the accusations made by Hice and claimed that he has bribed witnesses to distort what took place.

“Mr. Lemon has presented evidence of Mr. Hice offering to bribe a witness and that he intentionally destroyed and withheld material evidence that both is directly relevant to his purported claims and that severely undermines his credibility,” a statement from Polisi reads, according to Yahoo! News.

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