Twitter Reacts To Terry Crews' New Amazon Warehouse Commercial

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Twitter is calling out Terry Crews for his latest starring role as an Amazon warehouse employee.

The actor appeared in a TikTok commercial for the billion-dollar company where he goes to an Amazon warehouse to go scope out the place for himself.

"I heard Amazon was hiring a bajillion people and thought I'd take a look for myself," Crews says in the ad, before boasting about "benefits, tuition, and flexible hours," the company is using to attract more workers.

Crews' ad comes as Amazon is embroiled in a union battle with employees and former workers who've documented mistreatment, impossible working conditions, and other crises.

In Bessemer, Alabama, workers joined forces to protest pay inequality in what they described as also racial justice as the city's majority Black workforce saw unequal pay. They even got the backing from Stacey Abrams before getting their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

Twitter says Terry Crews should've thought a little more before doing the ad and that Amazon is picking and choosing where to spend money –– on securing Crews for a commercial instead of prioritizing wage equality for its workers who keep the business operating.

Two months ago, Reuters reported large unions are working systematically at local levels to disrupt expansion of Amazon warehouses.

According to a September report, union reps from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, of the nation's largest and influential unions, raised concerns about Amazon in at least 10 local council meetings across the country. Their efforts have reportedly led to several projects being scrapped, tax breaks getting rescinded and mandates to enforce local labor standards on the company.

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