Jashyah Moore Found Safe In New York City After Being Missing For A Month

Photo: Essex County City Hall

Jashyah Moore, a 14-year-old Black girl from East Orange, New Jersey was found safe Thursday (November 11) after being missing for more than a month.

According to reports, Jashyah was found in New York City, though officials have not yet released details of how she was found or her disappearance.

The teen's mother publicly pleaded for help two weeks after after Jashyah vanished from a visit to a nearby corner store on October 14. Now, Jashyah's family is "grateful" she was found safe.

"The family and our community is grateful she is safe and alive. We are thankful to everybody who put in the work to help find her," a spokesperson for the Moore family said in a statement, per NBC 4 New York.

Officials said that Jashyah is "being provided all appropriate services" and would be brought back home to New Jersey soon after she was found.

UPDATE: At a press conference on Friday (November 12), officials were relieved to report Jashyah Moore was found safely. According to acting Essex County prosecutor Theodore Stephens II Jashyah was "found unharmed" through a collaborative effort between several New Jersey police departments, NYPD and FBI.

Stephens also thanked the "concerned citizens who thought enough to turn their concern into action" by adding to the reward money put up for Jashyah's safe return.

The teenager was reportedly found in a Brooklyn shelter, though it is not clear how she got there and why. At the time of the press conference, Jashyah remained with authorities until an investigation into her home situation is completed. Moore's mother is reportedly speaking with law enforcement as it "appears Jashyah ran away."

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