Kyle Rittenhouse Draws Slips To Help Determine His Own Jury

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A judge on Tuesday (November 16) allowed accused gunman Kyle Rittenhouse to pull slips to help determine the remaining members of the jury.

Under the direction of Judge Bruce Schroeder, Rittenhouse's attorney put slips of paper with the numbers of the 18 jurors who sat through the two-week trial proceedings into a drum. The defendant then put his hand into the drum, directly picking the people who would be determining his fate.

According to NBC Chicago, the drum had been sitting on a ledge in the courtroom for the duration of the trial, but was placed in front of Rittenhouse on Tuesday (November 16).

Six jurors: 11, 58, 14, 45, 9, and 52, were dismissed and won't be in deliberation. Two jurors were dismissed earlier in the trial, one for a medical condition, and the other because he told a joke about the police shooting of Jacob Blake, Jr. –– which was the impetus of the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Rittenhouse traveled to with an AR-15 and ended up fatally shooting two men and wounding another.

Judge Schroeder dismissed several charges against Rittenhouse and his handling of the trial has brought attention to Wisconsin's longest-serving circuit court judge.

On Veterans Day, the judge asked the court for applause as a defense witness who served in the military was about to testify. He admitted his own lack of knowledge of modern technology and yelling at prosecutors in the case.

Deliberation is now underway among the jurors Rittenhouse helped pick.

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