Kyle Rittenhouse's Mom Asks For Donations To Pay For Son's Legal Fees

Wendy Rittenhouse

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As night falls on the first night of jury deliberation in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the defendant's mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, has given an update on her family's state of mind. In an email obtained by CNN, she described her son's legal proceedings as "an extremely uphill battle from the beginning." IHowever, Wendy Rittenhouse says that her son and his legal team has put up a "big fight" because of the "thousands" of people who have supported them along the way. Now, she's seeking even more support in the form of financial support.

“Both the prosecution and my son Kyle's defense team have finished their closing arguments and I am beyond nervous,” Wendy Rittenhouse wrote in an email obtained by CNN.

“We have been fighting an extremely uphill battle from the beginning, but with the support of thousands of our fellow Americans we have put up a big fight."

CNN has reported that the accused shooter's mother is seeking donations to help cover the $110,00 in legal fees her son has piled up in the month of November. This is not the first time that Rittenhouse advocates have sought out donations to cover his legal fees. Since March 1, the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund has raised nearly $500,000 through donations and merchandise sales.

As the Rittenhouse family seeks financial assistance, 12 jurors will continue to examine the arguments made in court over the last two weeks. CNN reports that the group of five men and seven women has been deliberating since approximately 10:15 a.m. on November 16. Since then, the group has only broken for lunch and to request additional copies of the jury instructions.

Outside of the courthouse, members of the National Guard remain on standby as members of the community gather in anticipation of the verdict. At this time, it is unclear when the verdict will be presented to the public.

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