White Woman Avoids Jail Time After Nearly Hitting Black Kids With Her Car

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman in Boston has avoided jail time for a racist attack on Black families even though she pleaded guilty.

Last week, 61-year-old Rhonda Wozniak pleaded guilty to eight counts of civil rights violation and assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly hurling racial slurs at three Black women and their children, ages five to 12, outside of a cookie store last July.

The women and their five kids were headed to their cars after visiting the Cookie Monstah store when "suddenly, Wozniak, who is white, came speeding toward them in her motor vehicle, nearly hitting them," a news release from the Essex County District Attorney's Office readers, Boston.com reported.

"When one of the women asked her to slow down, she shouted racial insults and slurs at them and told them to go back where they belong. One of the children asked their mother, 'Where do we belong?'"

Police identified and caught Wozniak after running her license plate and examining video taken by one of the victims and surveillance footage.

"The defendant's action were harmful and offensive, not only to the victims, but also to the community at large," Essex County Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in the release.

Wozniak ended up getting sentenced to nine months probation and 40 hours of community service.

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