Michael Strahan Returns From Historic Trip To The Edge Of Space

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Strahan just took one step for civilians and one leap news anchors everywhere!

The Good Morning America host was aboard the latest Blue Origin rocket Saturday (December 11) that blasted off to the edge of space. Strahan, along with Laure Shepard Churchley –– daughter of Alan Shepard, America's first ever astronaut –– took off from West Texas, reaching the outer edge of Earth's atmosphere.

The rocket, aptly named the New Shepard darted through the skies, carrying the civilian crew on a roughly 15-minute flight where they briefly experienced weightlessness.

The rocket was originally scheduled to take off on Thursday (December 9), but heavy winds in the area led Blue Origins leader Jeff Bezos to hold off on the launch.

"I want to go back," Strahan told reporters after landing safely. "You got to get that perspective."

This is the third Blue Origin flight with civilians on board, though Strahan and all the others endured lots of training before making the trip.

In October, actor William Shatner made history as the oldest person ever to go to space. Bezos himself also took a trip on one of his rockets.

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