Karen Mom-Son Duo Lose Jobs, Arrested For Assaulting Black Worker On Camera

Photo: Getty Images

The white mother and son in Tennessee who called the cops and assaulted a Black man working at an apartment complex's garage have lost their jobs and been charged.

As the Black Information Network reported last month, Johnny Martinez was working in the parking garage of a Nashville apartment complex, checking vehicle permits, when a mother and son approached him, demanding to know what he was doing there.

The now-viral video captured the moment the son, identified in a December 2 arrest warrant as Edward Brennan, assaulted Martinez after the mother –– identified as Bitsy Brennan –– called the cops.

"A reasonable person would regard the contact as extremely offensive or provocative," and would've caused Martinez to fear "imminent bodily injury," the warrant reads.

Martinez stayed after the police were called, but when they did arrive, the Karen tag team had left.

Bitsy has lost her job as an investment broker at UBS following the incident, according to Financial IQ. The firm confirmed that Brennan "is no longer employed at the firm" as of December 7 after being with the company since 2007.

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