Here's Why Dr. Dre Will Lose Millions If Super Bowl Show Is Canceled

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With more than a million new Covid-19 cases being reported in a single day in the US, events of all sizes are getting postponed, pushed back, or canceled all together. And this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show is not exempt.

West Coast hip-hop titan Dr. Dre is headlining the February show and –– if all goes according to plan –– is slated to bring out some of the biggest names in music, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and more. But he could be on the hook for millions if the show gets slashed from football's biggest game of the year.

Sources with direct knowledge of the show confirmed to TMZ that Dre put up his own money needed to pull off the star-studded performance and the dollar amount is in the millions of dollars.

The outlet reported that while the "Still D.R.E." rapper does has Event Cancellation Insurance that would cover a multitude of circumstances if the show gets canceled, there's just one problem –– the policy excludes Covid-19.

The clause is called the Communicable Disease Exclusion and has reportedly been around before Covid, nevertheless, Covid is still a part of the list of communicable diseases which would mean that Dre would lose all his money if the show gets cut due to the virus.

There's some optimism, though, since we're still a few weeks away from the event, and experts are hoping the Omicron variant surge will peak by the end of this month.

Plus, even if the crowd is scaled back –– like last year –- the game and show could still go on. The other option is to move the game entirely from LA's SoFi Stadium to Dallas if fans can't be in the stand.

Time will tell if the billionaire will miss out on a couple of million.

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