Ted Cruz Says Having A Black Woman On The Supreme Court Is An 'Insult'

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Senator Ted Cruz has lent his voice to the growing number of conservatives who don't think a Black woman should be on the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Texas Republican said Monday (January 31) that he flat out disagrees with President Joe Biden's commitment to nominating a Black woman to the high court and that the historic feat would be "an insult to Black women."

"The fact that he's willing to make a promise at the outset, that it must be a Black woman, I gotta say that's offensive," the senator said on his podcast.

What's more offensive to many of his constituents, though, is the trip to Cancún he took in the middle of a deadly winter storm when millions were left without power, heat, or running water, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

In his 2016 bid for president, Cruz's "Together, We All Win" slogan reads ironic now, since he couldn't even stay "together" with the people of the state he represents during their time of need.

Cruz didn't stop his rant there though. He said Biden was "not even pretending" the Black woman he picked would be the most qualified.

"He's saying, 'If you're a white guy, tough luck. If you're a white woman, tough luck. You don't qualify."

Just like Cruz said, "tough luck" to the people he's supposed to represent when there wasn't food on the shelves for weeks.

If Cruz cared to remember, within the past presidential term, there was a white man –– accused of sexual assault –– and a white woman –– who never tried a case to verdict or argued an appeal in any court –– who both found their way onto the highest court without noise from Cruz on qualifications.

"The only thing insulting to this Black woman is Ted Cruz thinking he speaks for us," Rep. Marilyn Strickland said on Twitter.

"This nation has been built on the strength and fortitude of Black women," Strickland tweet said. "We are everything from caregivers to CEOs, and soon, a Supreme Court Justice."

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