St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns At Protesters Won't Lose Legal Licenses

Photo: Getty Images

The white St. Louis couple who were caught on camera pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020 will be allowed to continue practicing law in the state of Missouri.

On Tuesday (February 8), the state Supreme Court ruled to allow Mark and Patricia McCloskey to keep their legal licenses, but the couple was placed on probation as lawyers. The court said that if either of them violates their year-long probation by breaking any more laws, their licenses will be suspended.

Mark McCloskey told The Associated Press after the court's ruling that he would consult with his attorney about bringing the probation to the US Supreme Court. For now, he said he and his wife plan to adhere to the terms of the court's ruling "100%."

McCloskey is currently running for US Senate –– one of several Republican candidates and thinks the reason he was placed on probation was because of "politics."

"I think the reason why we were asked to be suspended had to do more with politics than anything else," he said. "But we respect the Supreme Court's opinion, although we disagree."

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