Black Man Sues Police After Being Choked, Called Racial Slur During Arrest

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A Black man is suing the Kansas City Police Department, accusing multiple officers of violating his civil rights during a February 2020 arrest.

According to the Kansas City Star, Justin Layton filed the lawsuit Monday (February 7), nearly two years after he says he was "minding his business" when an officer unlawfully stopped him for jaywalking.

Layton names four officers in the suit –– Taylor Cox, Logan Dale, Lacy Gibson and Tanner Philip –– and the former police chief Chief Brad Halsey, who he says violated his civil rights and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures when Philip stopped him.

A police report says Layton "purposefully" hid his face from Philip who was in a patrol car and stopped at the same intersection as Layton around 11 p.m. on February 14, 2020.

Philip pulled behind Layton, turning on the lights of the cruiser, and without identifying himself, called out to Layton, "Hey stop, bro. Stop, bro. You're being detained. Stop."

In the lawsuit, Layton says he was talking to his sister on the phone at the time was unaware that Philip was behind him as he continued walking. Philip got back in car, following Layton to place him under arrest.

A confused Layton fumbled with his phone to get in his front pocket when Philip tased him. When that had no affect, Philip rushed Layton from behind and other officers arrived, jumping on his back and legs and putting his ankles in handcuffs.

At one point, officers used Layton's hoodie as a "leash," choking him while keeping their knees on his back, making breathing and speaking difficult, the lawsuit says.

A police investigation found the officers' actions "justifiable," and let Philip off the hook.

This isn't the first time Layton has sued the police. In 2013, Layton sued the department for excessive force during a 2008 arrest. A judge ultimately threw that case out.

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