15 Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out In The Northeast

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The Northeast is home to all kinds of restaurants owned by passionate Black Americans. You can find seafood joints, fine-dining establishments, whimsical concepts, and classic, homestyle dishes waiting for you in the region. Sometimes they have other elements going on that make them stick out, from clubs to grocery stores. Below is a list of many Black-owned restaurants you should check out in the Northeast.

Omar's Kitchen & Rum Bar

Location: New York, New York

A "nouveau" Caribbean restaurant located in New York City's Lower East Side. Omar's Kitchen serves up brunch and dinner, and menu items include catfish and red velvet cornbread, Chilean sea bass, duck satay, jerk chicken, curry oxtail, and much more.


Location: 1250 Massachusetts Ave in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Originally founded in 1982, M&M BBQ has some bold sandwiches, barbecue platters, and sides that will keep you coming back for more. Indulge in delicious dishes like the Columbia Road sammie, half-rack pork ribs, or dumpster fries -- which are topped with cheese, scallions, BBQ sauce, ketchup, and your choice of pulled pork or beef brisket.

The Better Box

Location: Click here for a list of locations in Pennsylvania

Asian flavors meet Philly sensibilities. The Better Box offers different types of eggrolls, cheese steaks, loaded fries, specialty drinks, and desserts. One of their main hits is the Firecracker Salmon eggroll -- Yum!


Location: 520 Park Ave, Mount Vernon Marketplace, in Baltimore, Maryland

Dedicated to making meals with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, seafood lovers will have a great time here. Fishnet offers tasty dishes like fried catfish sandwiches, baja fish wraps, Tots & Tentacles (tater tots, crispy calamari, and pieces of fried fish), crab dip, and much more.

The Edge Harlem

Location: 101 Edgecombe Ave. in New York, New York

This unique restaurant has its brunch menu divided between Jamaica, New York, and England, giving you many options for a delicious meal. If you come by for dinner, they're offering dishes like spicy seafood pasta, salmon burger, fish and chips, crab cakes, and more.

Champs, Chics & Waffles

Location: 688 Bergen Ave in Jersey City, New Jersey

Waffles are, of course, the star at this New Jersey, but what makes it fun is the different combos and flavors you can get. Options include chicken and waffles, waffles with eggs, bacon and hash, loaded fries, and much more.

Back to the Foodture

Location: 2767 E Carson St in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A museum-esque restaurant that embraces retro American pop culture! Back to the Foodture will either keep you hooked with their wings or burgers or keep you coming back for the sheer amount of video games, photographs, and other neat relics of decades past.


Location: 1420 Barnum Ave in Bridgeport, Connecticut

This is more than just a place to eat. You can enjoy brunch and dinner in a lounge setting. There's dancing, music, hookah, and of course, boozy drinks. Plus, they have specials all week, from Taco Tuesday to Happy Hour Fridays.

The Walla

Location: 47 Halsey Street in Newark, New Jersey

What's great about The Walla is they offer something for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Known for their mouth-watering burgers and various "kisses" (sauces), you can also get cauliflower wings, samosas, and other yummy menu items.


Location: 54 Nashua St. in Milford, New Hampshire

An award-winning farm-to-table restaurant that offers beautiful entrees and divine drinks. Large plates include herb-crusted cod, pork loin, New York strip, tagliatelle, and more. If you're interested in their drinks menu, they have offerings like Cardi G, Cranberry Beret, and Buzzed and Bitter.

Bangin Wings

Location: 258 Greenville Ave in Johnston, Rhode Island

You'll be licking your fingers for a while at Bangin Wings. They serve up deep-fried wings, tasty chicken tenders, and amazing sides like waffles, fries, and mac and cheese. There are also 25 lip-smacking sauces to choose from, including "hot sellers" such as Henny Wings and their signature BangBang sauce.

Jordan's Hot Dogs and Mac

Location: 970 State St in New Haven, Connecticut

As the name suggests, they're known for their iconic Mac Dog, which comes with mac and cheese spread on top. You can also upgrade it to a Supreme, which also comes with jalapenos and bacon. Other specialties include the Steakhouse Dog, New England Dog, and The Californian. They also have burgers, loaded fries, wings, and more tasty dishes on the menu.

Magnus on Water

Location: 12 Water Street in Biddeford, Maine

The menu is simple, straightforward, and scrumptious. Menu items include mussels, clams, braised rabbit leg, hake, and other offerings. Their drink menu is also divided by "surf" and "turf" -- clever!

Crabs R Us

Location: 764 Penn Avenue in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania

Here at Crabs R Us, they're integrating seafood in a fun and delicious way! Want some shrimp with your wings? You got it. Feeling like some loaded fries with lobster? Say no more. That's just a sampling of their vast and sea-friendly menu. Don't forget to swing by for breakfast, too.

Seasoned Vegan

Location: 55 St Nicholas Ave in New York, New York

It's time to get your vegan on! Did you ever want to enjoy some classic, amazing soul food but free of animal products? Come on down to Seasoned Vegan, where they serve tasty dishes like lemon-crusted chicken nuggets, Harlem-chopped cheeseburger, and BBQ "crawfish" sandwiches. They also run a vegan grocery store!

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