Women's Basketball Coach Responds To Criticism Over Her Game-Day Outfit

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A college basketball coach is speaking out after receiving backlash for her recent game-day outfit choice.

At the February 6 game against the Kentucky Wildcats, Texas A&M Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Sydney Carter wore pink leather pants, heels and a cream turtleneck. Social media lit up after one fan questioned the appropriateness of her outfit.

"Is this outfit appropriate as a basketball coach?" a post that went viral on social media reads. Carter, 31, defended her outfit choice, telling Yahoo that "People are just uncomfortable with a Black woman in a power position," and that, "I am unapologetically myself every day."

"When you see a Black woman who is actually confident and embracing herself, I think that's very intimidating," Carter said.

Carter, who is also a former WNBA player said she isn't out to set trends or even change norms for game-day ensembles. The fit was about being herself "unapologetically."

"I'm not gonna turn up turn my light off because somebody else is offended or intimidated by the fact that I embrace myself," she told the outlet.

In a tweet, Carter thanked "everyone for your support and kind works over the last few days."

"Representation matters," she continued. "As a Black woman in coaching, I take pride in showing that people who look like me don't have to diminish our light to appeal to others, whose opinions never mattered anyway."

Carter promised to continue to "apply pressure and show that Black women can express our individuality while doing our jobs at a high level."

And she's following through on that promise. Check out some more of Coach Carter's drip below.

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