Amir Locke's Parents Vow To Get Justice At Emotional Funeral Service

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The parents of Amir Locke vowed to get justice and change for their son on Thursday (February 17) at his funeral service in Minneapolis.

The 22-year-old was shot and killed on February 2 during a no-knock warrant raid carried out by a local SWAT team. Graphic body camera footage released after the shooting shows police opening fire within 10 seconds of entering the home; Locke was still underneath a blanket at the time and wasn't named on the warrant.

At the service, Amir's mother, Karen Wells said her son was "executed" by police. "How dare you?" she said, "You are not above the law."

The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered an emotional eulogy for Locke, connecting the reality that many enslaved Black people were given the names of the white slave owners who oppressed them.

"That's why it didn't matter that Amir's name wasn't on the warrant –– 'cause we don't have a right to a name in the eyes of some in this country," Sharpton said, ABC News reported. "We are nameless suspects."

"We are no longer going to be your nameless suspects," he added. "Amir has a name. His name wasn't on your warrant –– but his name is going to be your law book."

Sharpton promised to help Locke's parents push to get a law named after him to ban no-knock warrants.

Locke's aunt, Linda Tyler spoke, directing her remarks to the officers involved in the shooting: "You did have time to subdue him," she said. "You had time to assess the situation ... but you didn't. So you don't need further training, you need to be fired."

"You ambushed my nephew, you took his life. And while he didn't matter to you... he mattered to this whole family. He mattered to this community."

Locke's funeral was held at Shiloh Temple in Minneapolis –– the same church where the funeral for 20-year-old Daunte Wright was held 10 months ago.

The service was attended by family members of George Floyd and Botham Jean who were both killed by police.

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