Cardi B Gives Her Take On Russia And Ukraine: 'The World Is In Crisis'

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Cardi B has never been one to shy away from weighing in on politics. From giving her take on politicians and how they are handling the biggest issues, to proposing policy, the Bronx native has a way of breaking things down.

As the situation in Europe between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, with Russian troops invading two key areas of Ukraine, the "Up" rapper was asked on Twitter to give her point of view.

"I feel like if I don't say the right things, I might get killed," Cardi said before adding later that world leaders need to "stop tripping on power."

"Wish these world leaders would stop tripping on power and really thing about whose really getting affected (citizens)," Cardi wrote in a tweet, responding to a fan. "Besides the whole world is in a crisis," she added. "War, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should worry about."

Someone online responded, "Okay, pass cardi her phone back," so the rapper shared a video to prove she wasn't hacked and that her tweets were really written by her.

"I actually wanna say a lot of things but I'm gonna just mind my business because sometimes I feel like I have such a big platform that if I don't say the right things I might get killed."

"But I'm really not on Nato's side, I'm not on Russia's side, I'm actually on the citizens' side," Cardi explained. "Cuz at the end of the day the world is having a crisis right now."

"There's inflation not only in America but everywhere in the world. It's really hard to get the economy back up. There is so much shipments backed up."

Cardi said later that she "wish that all the world leaders right now just really come with a logical conclusion but whatever."

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