Twitter Shows Support For Black Journalist Reporting Live From Ukraine

Photo: Getty Images

Twitter is celebrating a Black journalist who is on the ground in Ukraine amid the deadly Russian invasion that began earlier this week.

Terrell Jermaine Starr has been posting updates from Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv on social media. On Friday (February 25), the Detroit native appeared on CNN, interviewing a friend who is from Ukraine as they drove around the city following a night of air strikes and destruction.

"You have people coming up... taking up arms to fight guerrilla warfare," Starr told the news organization from the car, which was parked near a recruitment center in the capital city. "You see long queues at gas stations," Starr added, noting that people are very visibly "trying to flee."

Ukrainian leaders estimated that at least 137 civilians have been killed this week and hundreds others injured.

Starr has updated 170k+ Twitter followers on the situation, from explosions to providing additional context behind the invasion. Starr is also shedding light on the international students who are studying in Ukraine, including several Nigerian students.

For the extensive work Starr is doing, the likes of Ava DuVernay, Jemele Hill and more have publicly voiced their support.

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