Jemele Hill Calls Out Dez Bryant For His Comments About Colin Kaepernick

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Popular journalist Jemele Hill had a few words for former NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant after he criticized former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Monday.

"With all due respect Dez Bryant, this is uninformed. Colin Kaepernick has created a publishing company, a SPAC that’s raising $300M for social justice initiatives, a production company, etc. On top of founding the Know Your Rights Camp. I don’t get the point of dragging his name," Hill tweeted on Monday.

Hill's critique of Bryant comes after he appeared on this week's episode of I Am Athlete with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor. During the group's 47-minute discussion, Bryant honored his mother, talked about Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and discussed the NFL before landing on Colin Kaepernick. The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver claimed that Kaepernick's protest efforts had no call to action. He also argued that the former Super Bowl participant's actions resulted in a loss of jobs for others.

***The video below may contain profane language***

“I respect Colin Kaepernick, but there’s one thing that I don’t respect,” Bryant said.

“I said when I get the opportunity, and to get on the stage and say it, I would and I love him to death. So, it ain’t no hate or nothing like that, but brother, you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, build jobs, give jobs to people.”

As Bryant went on, he insinuated that Kaepernick abandoned people he had once supported.

“The people that you was talking about, the people you so-called standing up for, the people who stood beside you, the people who lost their jobs because of you,” Bryant continued.

“Where you at? I ain’t heard from you.”

Much like Hill, a number of people stepped up to say that Bryant's comments were unjust and flat out wrong.

Fortunately, Bryant is open to learning more about the subject and correct his previous remarks. Shortly after the interview went live, Bryant asked to speak with Hill and discuss the matter further.

"I don’t know everything Jemele Hill," Bryant tweeted.

"Invite me on your show and let’s talk about it."

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