Claims Of Racism Emerge At Ukraine-Poland Border As People Flee Invasion

Photo: Getty Images

Millions are fleeing Ukraine amid Russia's deadly invasion. Now, reports indicate that African people are being turned away from the Ukraine-Poland border or told to get to the back of the line so that "real Ukrainians" can escape first.

Videos and first-hand accounts at the border from over the several days show African people claiming to be denied entry on trains and other types of transportation, they say, because of the color of their skin.

"A Nigerian medical student at Poland/Ukraine border (Medyka-Shehyni) told me she has been waiting 7hrs to cross, she says border guards are stopping black people and sending them to the back of the queue, saying they have to let 'Ukrainians' through first," BBC News reporter Stephanie Hegarty tweeted Saturday (February 26).

Reports of the discrimination seem to be happening at Ukraine's northwestern border with Poland, where people say police and border agents are allowing white Ukrainians to leave while refusing or limiting access to Black people.

Reporter Terrell J. Starr is on the ground in Ukraine covering the invasion and the people of the nation who are fighting back. The Detroit native tweeted that he's working with other Black journalists to these stories out in real time.

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